Your daily life can be shared on the web using these famous Instagram stories. This is the reason why Instagram has become among the major social media websites. However there’s one drawback in making use of Instagram. You're not permitted to save stories. Not having the choice of saving the stories you published, you will lose them after 1 day considering that stories have gone live. In this article, we will share with you few ways how to save Instagram stories.

Download Instagram Stories you Created for the Day
A single story video can be saved for all the Instagram stories you made for the entire day. This means that replaying them for potential use usually takes a while as stories are stored together. There is a need to view all clips to see what you want. This might take the time to watch but still a lot better than possessing no copy. Anytime of the day, you can view the video anywhere you are. The guide on how to do it is discussed below.

To begin downloading, check out the upper left part of your feed. Tap that Your Story icon. Immediately after tapping it. you will find 3 dots on the top of your display screen. Tapping the dots will show you a more option. Tap the save option and save your story. Render time will be necessary before you view the video in your camera roll.

Download Instagram Stories: The Selected Clips Only
You might try this next strategy if you do not like the above procedure shared. This strategy will allow you to save individual clips. Meaning, you can save or download Instagram stories as separate files. Just like the first technique above, they both have a similar procedure, excluding the later portion where you should pick the “Save Video” option instead of “Select Story”. This is suggested when you have one specific picture or video that you would like to preserve, but you are not necessarily worried about the entire Story. Right after tapping the “Save Video” option, the video must be found on your Pictures or Camera Roll. Look for it.

Make use of Other Instagram Account to Download Instagram Stories
A third party site will be required if you wished to download Instagram stories making use of someone else account on Instagram. There are actually explanations why do it this way however that’s not our aim to discuss. These websites may look or designed differently but they work the same way. It’s just a matter of choosing what you are comfortable to make use of.

Steps to download stories via a third-party website
Learn first exactly what the sites need so that you can proceed with the downloading. In many instances, either of these two, username or perhaps profile URL, are needed. Then copy-paste the web link or the username into the ideal box on the site requesting stated information. The site will show the available stories of the user. Select whichever story you would like to copy and select the save option. And lastly, the video will then be saved to your local device.


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